TasFarmers congratulates Liberal Party's long-term commitment to agriculture

06 March 2024

 Tasmania's peak body for farmers welcomes the Liberal Party's commitment to the Tasmanian agricultural sector in response to its election package.

President Ian Sauer said it's important government has a long-term strategic policy focus for the industry, which is not just a short-term sugar hit.

Mr Sauer said, "We're pleased the government read our package, consulted with stakeholders and has thrown its support behind the industry during this election campaign to assist Tasmanian primary producers.

"On the North West Transmission Development, we applaud the government for taking landholders seriously and agreeing to work with farmers to come up with a fairer and more equitable model.

"Their commitment to a range of issues raised by TasFarmers, including reducing red tape, improving education pathways starting with Tasmanian's first 'wool school', and investing further into the Strategic Industry Partnership Program are all foundation building.

"We congratulate the government, these initiatives are value-adding and forward-thinking, it's things link changing the planning scheme to allow farmers to build accommodation for workers that will help us grow from $2.6 billion at the moment and reach our goal of $10 billion by 2050 in annual value at the farm gate," he said.

TasFarmers is also reassured by the government's continued focus on biosecurity, irrigation and animal welfare, it is pleasing and it's a long-term foundation-building policy.

We urge all political parties to continue to engage in meaningful discussion.