TasFarmers AGM Results: Vote of confidence

27 March 2024

TasFarmers held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, 27 March and is delighted to announce the board has reelected Ian Sauer as Chairperson. His reappointment is a vote of confidence in his leadership and contribution to the role.

Additionally, James McShane has been appointed as the new Vice Chair, succeeding Andrew Beven, who gracefully steps away from the position.

The transition marks an evolution in the leadership of TasFarmers, and the board is confident that both Mr Sauer and Mr McShane will continue to drive the organisation forward for the benefit of members with dedication and vision.

Mr Sauer said the organisation was in a positive position for the coming year to continue its leadership, promotion and advocacy for the sector.

"We have encountered substantial high-level challenges and have adeptly navigated the associated risks, including those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The association is in a robust position financially as a membership-based organisation. We've undergone a rebranding process, relocated offices, and rebuilt the management team.

"Moving forward, we've gotten through a really difficult period of instability effectively, and now we have a great footprint in the heart of rural Tasmania at Longford.

"On behalf of the board and myself, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the staff for their steadfast dedication. Moreover, we recognise that we are here because of our members, nothing happens without their continued support, and we are extremely grateful," Mr Sauer said.