Politicians must stop the sniping!

25 March 2024

 The peak body for farming in Tasmania has called on all politicians in the state to stop post-election sniping and get down to working in the best interests of the people and business.

TasFarmers President Ian Sauer said he was hoping once the election result was clear, that the hubris of campaigning could be replaced by consultation and action from all parties.

TasFarmers President Ian Sauer said, "Today farming is a $6.2 billion industry, demands urgent attention and should be a top priority for all politicians.

"We are happy to work collaboratively with everyone in the parliament, and we expect that position to be reciprocated.

TasFarmers will expect the pledged election packages to be delivered, which include but is not limited to land access and compensation for the North West Transmission Development, sustainability, Irrigation, education and training, housing and greater oversight of Government Business Enterprises.

"So far as new Members of Parliament are concerned, we're happy to arrange collective or individual briefings on the Tasmanian agriculture sector, its outputs and needs. We don't expect everyone to be an expert on the sector, but we do expect people to approach it with an open mind, good faith and a desire to work with us."

Mr Sauer said the TasFarmers didn't subscribe to the view that a coalition of parties would be a disaster for Tasmania, so long as they understood the absolute need to work for Tasmania and provide consistency, certainty and support agriculture.

"Arrangements are going to need to be made. We're saying, take the self-interest out of that process and look outwardly, with the aim of making Tasmania a better place for everyone. This is not a time for grandstanding or digging the policy heels in, it's a time to work together," Mr Sauer said.