Peas up 25%

20 July 2022

“Tasmanian pea growers can plant with confidence this coming season, after the TFGA Simplot Pea Committee locked in a 25% price increase, The price increase equates to 120TR $591.21/tonne. ” said Will Green TFGA Simplot Pea Committee Chair.

“With escalating inputs costs and a few key crops still in price negotiations, it is great for farmers to have a bit of certainty to enable us to plan for the season ahead,” he said

Each year, Tasmanian vegetable growers produce approximately 24,000 tonnes of green peas from about 4,000 hectares for processing. Estimated value over $10 million at the farm gate annually. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the volume of green peas produced in Tasmania accounted for around 95 per cent of total production of green peas for processing in Australia. The vast majority of these peas are frozen and sold in domestic markets.

What is TR?

Tenderometer scale. It was previously used as a maturity (how old the peas are) index but now TR in simple terms is how soft they are. As peas mature they get bigger and a bit harder, baby peas are softer and smaller. Baby peas have a low TR.

Media Comment

Will Green (TFGA Simplot Pea Chair) – 0427 050 347