Meat export guarantees security for farmers, workers and families

22 December 2023

Tasmania's peak body for farmers welcomes the Commonwealth's decision to permit the meat processor TQM to continue processing meat for export.

TasFarmers president Ian Sauer said that this development is excellent news for the community as it brings certainty to farmers regarding the processing of export sheep.

Mr Sauer said, "We're really happy about what this decision means for farmers, workers, and their families during this festive Christmas season.

He highlighted, "The Commonwealth has imposed four new conditions on the permit, and TasFarmers wholeheartedly supports TQM's commitment to implementing these requirements.

"TQM has assured TasFarmers that we will not have to revisit this matter, a guarantee we fully endorse.

"Additionally, we fully support the Minister's task force, which aims to take practical and meaningful actions to ensure the well-being of our animals.

"This decision ensures Tasmania maintains a consistent market for processing sheep for export, without which animal welfare challenges may have arisen.

"We are relieved this chapter has concluded, allowing us to move forward," he said.