King Island Drought Coordinators Appointed

19 April 2024

TasFarmers, Tasmania’s peak advocacy body for agriculture, is pleased to announce the appointment of three King Island Drought Coordinators to help the island respond to and manage some of the worst drought conditions in 50 years.

King Island Drought Coordinators Stef Ellis, Deb Delaney, and Interim Drought Coordinator Jacquline Shipton

at the King Island Golf Club for the Management Decisions for a Dry Winter Workshop.

Funding for the position has been provided by the Tasmanian Government and the TAS Farm Innovation Hub.

TasFarmers CEO, Nathan Calman said the role will initially be for the next four months, however, this may be extended for a further four months based on the level of need to help farmers on the island with drought recovery into spring of 2024.

Mr Calman said, "Deb Delaney has now started with us and will be working in this role on a full-time basis, supported one day per week by both Steph Ellis and Abbey Lewis.

“We are pleased to be able to appoint three local King Islanders to be based on the island supporting local primary producers.

"Since March, we have seconded Jacquline Shipton into the Interim Drought Coordinator Role to support all producers across Tasmania, while we have recruited for the permanent roles based on King Island.

"The great work started by Jacquline here will help the island coordinators get off to a strong start and we thank her for her efforts here," he said.

Tas Farm Innovation Hub director Sandra Knowles said “Hub staff have visited King Island on several occasions to meet with farmers and discuss their needs now and into the future.

“We are pleased to be able to work with TasFarmers and NRE to enable the employment of these local coordinators to help farmers navigate the challenges and make the right decisions for their businesses.”

TasFarmers recognises freight on and off of the island remains a significant challenge. Our coordinators will play an important role in forecasting freight movement requirements for livestock, feed and fertilizer. They will also play a significant role in connecting producers with other services and supports that are available during this difficult period.

King Island Residents can get in touch with King Island Drought Coordinators by phoning 0447 370 417 or emailing