Investment in Education and Training Essential to Secure Agriculture's Future

16 February 2023

As the Agricultural sector heads towards a goal of $100 billion in farm gate production by 2030, the sector is being limited by the size and suitability of the workforce. This significant deficit is driving wage pressures in Australian agriculture and the industry needs more action from all levels of Government to address the issue, to ensure we engage the next generation of Young Famers.

To secure the future of agriculture, it is crucial that Australia invests in the education and training of our future farmers, agricultural researchers, and industry service providers. However, we are currently facing a significant challenge in providing sufficient education and training opportunities for these individuals to succeed in the industry.

TFGA President Ian Sauer said there is a need to focus on education and training in the agriculture industry that is fit for purpose, relevant and market-driven.

Mr Sauer said, “It’s important educators collaborate with the agricultural sector and ensure that qualification and training framework is fit for purpose. Agriculture is not just about manual labour; it's becoming a high-tech industry that needs specific skills.

“Just as a university degree is an essential step for some, choosing a career in agriculture can is a pathway to a rewarding and well-paying job, and we need a solid educational pathway to bring new talent into the field,” he said.

“The TFGA is focused on the need for investment in education and apprenticeships to help achieve the goals of industry. But there needs there to be a plan to engage with stakeholders, including employers, educators, and government officials, to promote a suitable vision

“It is essential that all parties come together to address this challenge and create a sustainable workforce for the agriculture sector. By investing in education and apprenticeships, the industry can attract and retain talented young individuals who will drive the industry towards its goal of $100 billion in farm gate production by 2030,” he said.

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