Focus on Taskforce recommendations, not 'gotcha’ moments

15 January 2024

Tasmania's peak body for farmers says activists are not contributing to the resolution of animal welfare issues through proposed protests on Tuesday.

President of TasFarmers, Ian Sauer, said we know that TQM, the government, and industry are resolute and will not tolerate breaches of the Animal Welfare Act any longer.

Mr Sauer said, "TQM is complying with the Australian Government's directives, and critically, the state government has instituted a task force dedicated to addressing animal welfare issues. The Taskforce has already met and will present its findings back to the Minster in March, a process which we fully support.

"This issue holds significant importance for Tasmania's rural community, and it is not the time for ‘gotcha’ moments. Our primary focus should be on the recommendations arising from the task force report.

"Activists have brought deficiencies in the meat processing industry to the community's attention. Now it is time to address these issues and get on with the process.

“After this process, there will be time for industry and the community to comment on the recommendations, and we encourage a constructive discussion at that time.

“We do not tolerate the mistreatment of animals and will be advocating for the highest possible standards to be applied,” Mr Sauer said.

TasFarmers fully supports the establishment of the Taskforce by the government and its objective to develop better standards for animal welfare in the livestock processing industry.

Mr Sauer said, “We have already called for practical measurable solutions and best practise to be implemented, we would hope to see solutions like cameras in specific areas of abattoirs, surprise on-site snap audits, paper trails, more education and training for staff.

“We expect the regulator to have the capacity to review camera footage spanning 12 months and complete traceability,” he said.