Farmers express disappointment over live sheep export ban

03 July 2024

Farmers across Australia expressed deep disappointment with the announcement today that the federal government has passed legislation to end the free trade export in live sheep.

Despite the industry's extensive efforts to meet every demand to maintain exports, the Albanese government has made clear its contempt for the industry and is proceeding with their plans to destroy the livelihood of impacted farmers with this ban.

Nathan Calman, CEO of TasFarmers, said Tasmanian producers stand in solidarity with farmers nationwide, particularly those in Western Australia directly affected by this decision.

Mr Calman said, "This is a knee-jerk reaction to activist demands to win a few inner city votes at the expense of rural livelihoods. The decision made by parliamentarians is politically motivated and lacks any scientific basis.

"It will be an uphill battle for the industry with the announcement having scarce details around how the industry will be supported to transition.

"There is an absolute lack of information as to how the $107 million support package might work. There is nothing to explain how the industry will adapt or how job losses will be prevented.

"This bill demonstrates how the industry has been ignored by its representatives in Canberra and railroaded by the Federal Labor Government,” Mr Calman said.