Nominations for Dairy Australia Board

19 June 2020

Dairy Australia is calling for nominations to fill vacancies on its Board of Directors, in preparation for elections that will be held at its Annual General Meeting in November.

The Board comprises of eight non-executive directors and the Managing Director. It determines the policies and directions for investing in industry service activities, approves strategic and operating plans and performance targets, and ensures good governance.

There are three positions available for nominations.

  • Two vacancies are to be filled by milk producers.
  • Other vacancy required with skills in agribusiness, innovation, and adoption.

Dairy Australia has circulated information detailing the election process to fill these vacancies, requirements for each position and deadline for nominations. Info can also be viewed here.

To discuss the application process regarding the milk producer vacancies, you can contact Elizabeth Parkin on (03) 9694 3836.

To discuss the application process regarding the agribusiness, innovation, and adoption skills vacancy, you can contact Mick Hay of Rimfire Resources on 1300 380 701 (toll free)

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