eID Survey - Sheep & Goat Producers

31 August 2022


eID Survey for Sheep & Goat Producers

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association is seeking input from sheep and goat producers for an investigation into the introduction of electronic ear tags for sheep and goats in Tasmania.

Producers are invited to complete a short online survey to provide their views on the introduction of electronic ear tags as well as information regarding any current use of electronic ear tags in sheep enterprises.

Click on the image above or here for the survey.

Further information about the survey and the investigation can be obtained from Elle Davis (TFGA) via email at redmeatIDO@tfga.com.au or from Lee Beattie via email at leebeattie3@bigpond.com.

The survey is being conducted by independent consultants, Lee Beattie and Warren Straw, and all feedback collected will be confidential and reported back to industry anonymously.

For further information regarding the Red Meat IDO project, please see the project page here.