Agsafe expands Stewardship for soft plastic recycling with bagMUSTER®

By Agsafe on
21 February 2023

Agsafe is very pleased to announce that bagMUSTER®, an initiative of CropLife Australia in partnership with the Australian Seeds Federation, will join with Australia’s longest running agricultural waste management program drumMUSTER, to deliver recycling of soft plastic product bags across rural and regional Australia.

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When fully operational, bagMUSTER® will be funded by industry. Agsafe is well positioned to leverage off established stakeholder linkages and ensure the long-term success of the program. Further supporting industry-wide uptake of bagMUSTER® will be the commitment from CropLife Australia member companies who are world-leaders in whole-of-life product stewardship, demonstrated in their commitment through the CropLife Members’ code of conduct. Other industry participants in the supply chain are strongly encouraged to join with this initiative.

Agsafe’s General Manager Dominique Doyle says bagMUSTER® is a perfect fit for Agsafe’s stewardship programs, and that operating alongside drumMUSTER is a natural progression for the initiative. “bagMUSTER® will become as recognised as drumMUSTER out in the bush. This is a leading example of how the agricultural industry and individual farmers and communities can work together to provide a recycling pathway for soft plastic bags”.

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Companies that participate in the bagMUSTER® program can be assured that genuine and sustainable disposal pathways exist for their product bags; and bagMUSTER will provide verification of their involvement. This will support brand owners to genuinely meet their legislative requirements and maintain community trust in their brand. Participating companies will also be published on the bagMUSTER® website. Companies can register for an EOI to participate in the program; go to the bagMUSTER® website for further details.

“As a voluntary program, the bagMUSTER® product stewardship program will adapt to fit the needs of councils, farmers, retailers and manufacturer’s products distributed in flexible bags. We have an adaptable approach to collections, this includes collaborating with retailers, councils and community groups in rural and regional Australia.” Ms Doyle says.

bagMUSTER® will commence a pilot operations by mid-2023 and have in place a national program by 1 January 2024.

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