Tasmanian Government Zero Emissions 2030

13 October 2021

TFGA President Marcus McShane has cautiously welcomed the announcement from the Tasmanian government for the state to target net zero emissions by 2030. ‘There is obviously a lot of discussion taking place now on climate change and emissions targets at both a federal and state level’, Mr McShane noted. This announcement from the Tasmanian government to set a net zero emissions target by 2030 for the state is encouraging in that is creates an expectation and a goal but as always, the devil is often in the detail.

Farmers are already grappling with changing climate across Australian and here is Tasmania, we must face these challenges too. We are not immune from this despite what might appear now to be good seasonal conditions and relatively strong commodity prices. Conditions can and do change quickly in farming.

TFGA has been considering these matters too as we appreciate that it is incumbent upon us to take a leadership position on these important issues. TFGA must work collaboratively to influence and align any potential policy positions that will impact our industries.

TFGA has recently established an Agriculture Sustainability Committee to help guide the organisation in its development of policy pertaining to climate change and emissions reduction. It is our expectation, Mr McShane commented, that the government will consult and engage with us on the details of this target of net zero emissions by 2030. Farming and agriculture in Tasmania are a significant contributor to our economic prosperity and it must be appropriately considered and consulted in the development of any policies and plans to meet this target. As always, the TFGA is there to represent our members interests first and foremost and to work collaboratively with government to find suitable solutions and pathways to address these issues.